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Changes such as having a baby or someone in your household moving out may affect your housing application. Do this on our Change of Circumstances form which you can get from your local Customer Service Centre or online at www. Other housing options The demand for social housing in Birmingham is much greater than the number of available properties. If your form is not complete or has not been signed it cannot be processed and will be returned to you. If...
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Good evening and welcome to Wednesday'sMidlands today from the BBC tonight foodor rent that's a stark choice charitiessay the poorest in our region will haveto make because of government cuts toHousing Benefit they also warn there'llbe a reduction in the number of rentalhomes available and an increase inhomelessness but the government disputesthat saying the changes will stop rentsspiraling out of control and they saythey're offering a package of help tothose in greatest need to cushion themas the new limits are introduced thisweek Ben Godfrey reportsJames Ashton is 33 and unemployed he'shad crisis loans and can only affordhe's a hundred and five pounds weeklyrent because it's paid in full throughhousing benefits but the government'scapping his allowance and those of thegrowing number of people attending thisdrop-in center in Birmingham it meananother pill for me to pay which willactually cut down on my food billactually made me quite angry that we'vegot a feels like we're paying for thegovernment's bills there's concern thatthousands of homes will become out ofreach especially as single people under35 will now get lower housing benefitsyou're currently renting a two-bedroomproperty in Birmingham for example at125 pounds a week and Housing Benefit iscovering all of that rent adding benefitwill reduce to around about a hundredand ten hundred and fifteen pounds aweek and therefore the tenant will needto find the difference new figures fromthe Chartered Institute of Housingsuggests that in Birmingham more than14,000 homes are now effectivelyunaffordable to those claiming housingbenefits in Coventry the figure is morethan five thousands and out of the bigcities in a place like shop sure thenumber is close to four thousand homesthe SEPA fireside charity in Birminghamis now expecting a rise in the city'shomeless we've already seen peoplecoming through now it's an example of ayoung guy that turned up yesterday thathe lost his job so hence the sourcesaccommodation so we're tryingdesperately to keeping out of thehomeless system the government says thenew limits will stop rents fromspiraling housing benefits costtaxpayers some twenty billion pounds ayear some claimants we're told doreceive up to four hundred pounds a weekbut it's not acceptable that we have asituation where there are people onaverage earnings in Britain who cannotafford to live in the same sizeaccommodation there's people on housingbenefit and we need to move the systemso it's affordable that it protects themost vulnerable but it's also fair tothe majority of taxpayers what do yousay to those people who say that thesechanges been brought in actually quitefairwell to be honest people actually sayit's quite fair they've probably neveractually been in this situationJames Ashton and others here are...